• Clean the counter top with warm water and a few drops of mild or antibacterial dishwashing detergent. Rinse the surface throughly and dry with a soft cloth. Don't use abrasive dry or soft cleaners.
  • Granite can take hot pans, but not hot fat. Avoid placing anything with hot cooking oils on the counter top.
  • Avoid cutting directly on granite. It doesn't hurt the granite; however, it dulls the knives.
  • Renaissance Stone Works has applied a non-toxic penetrating sealer to your new counter top at the time of installation. "SurfaceGuard" Sealer now available at Home Depot Stores.
  • Counter tops should be resealed every one to two years for light colors, longer for darker colors.
  • Renaissance Stone Works recommends "StoneWash" also available from the Home Depot stores for weekly maintenance of your new counter tops.
  • StoneWash beautifies while cleaning and conditioning natural stone surfaces, its unique, natural pH formula will not etch or damage stone. Cleans dirt, grease, stains and scuff marks and reduces water spotting.